Andaman Sea Cruise Blog

I have nothing but praises and good things to say about the Ladyandaman! I was in Phuket just a couple of weeks back with my college friends. We spent the night in one of its luxury cabins and we really had a blast cruising along Chalong Bay. The sunset was extremely breathtaking and we enjoyed the drinks and great food on board (I couldn't have enough of the delicious barbecue). Thank you Ladyandaman for the one of a kind experience. We will definitely be on board again soon!

Once a year I always see to it that I save some cash for my "once a year splurge and carefree week" -- of course this happens on one of my trips. My recent trip has taken me to the shores of Phuket which has a sprawling white sand beach but this is only a tip of the iceberg when it comes to many things that you could do there.

But what I enjoy best besides the sights, the beach, food, and various water sports was the party scene!

No one can beat what we did in Phuket. We partied like VIPs! Imagine partying in a luxury motor boat packed with all the booze and chicks that wear nothing but there cute bikinis while we cruised along Chalong Bay. Before boarding the Ladyandaman, we were picked up at Hard Rock Cafe after lunch. The best part is that we only paid 3,000 Baht per person, pretty cheap right?

This boat has everything in it, and I mean everything! I really enjoyed the famous air tobogganing ride along with kayaking and snorkeling which are both fun as well. All these things were part of the inclusions of the package we availed of. But when the music started playing and the booze started coming out the bar, this was where everything started to become more interesting. One of my friends started dancing with some girl near the pole and soon everyone was shaking their booty! Haha that was unforgettable 'coz my friend had always been that shy guy and then just like that, he let loose!